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Black caviar with oysters

Black or red – what’s your delicious choice?

luxury tasting caviar

Which caviar to choose?

We invite you to try different options, as our range is wide. Our assortment includes caviar of such fish:

  • Chum salmon

  • Pink salmon

  • Trout Salmon

  • Paddlefish sturgeon

  • Hackleback sturgeon

  • Kalluga fusion amber sturgeon 

  • American sturgeon

Exploring tastes can become your special hobby. You can collect different taste sensations in the same way that you collect stamps or postcards, but each time you will find an exciting gastronomic adventure, as magnificent as Columbus or Magellan hundreds of years ago. The same scale, the same range.

Eat natural
There are three jars of caviar in the photo: the red caviar is on the edges of each jar, and in the center is the stunning black caviar

We invite you to become a member of the caviar club!

Mission of the club is to make our product more available for fans. Sometimes members can buy our luxury food for less than $1 per gram. But there’s something else: they are also first to know about promotions and new items. Come and join!
Buy black caviar or buy red caviar – start your story about pleasure.

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Why doesn’t our caviar lose nutrition?

If you order caviar online, you’ll have not only the fast delivery but also preserved original properties of the product

Our production method is focused on careful handling of raw materials: we take the caviar from eggs of farmed sturgeon and place it in container with salt brine. This liquid enhances the taste and supports the structure of the caviar – that’s why you can eat luxury food.

We don’t freeze this delicacy and we put it into a can with dry ice for delivery. Fast delivery is the reason why our clients get cool caviar with original properties of the product.

 So buy the caviar, order red or black caviar delivery, and be sure: our goal is to provide the best quality product and you will not be dissapointed.

box with caviar
hend with phone

How to store the delicacy?

The main conditions are:

  • Placing in the boul of ice in refrigerator.

  • Temperature must not be too law: the product shouldn’t be frozen.

  • Storing during two or three days after opening caviarin can.

And remember: it is better to eat it as soon as possible to experience the best taste. But don’t have any doubt’s – you’ll want more and more.

There are no words enough to describe the inspiration we draw from delivery of our final product. The result is above any expectation and our clients become real connoisseurs of art. We don’t know what are your first associations with the word “satisfaction” but we know for sure: after buying at least one caviarin can you will associate this delicacy with the art, adventures, pleasant summer breeze or good sea wine.

Buy caviar and try!   

Black caviar in a jar in the fridge
appetizers from black and red caviar

Let's get acquainted

Who are we?

Are we a caviar shop? Yes, but furthermore – Kingdom Caviar is the family business which has been distributing natural black and red caviar for over than 15 years. Each our product and each our action is full of love and dedication, and we want to share it with everyone who chooses us.

 The shop was created to start a revolution in the caviar market, so we stick to fair good caviar price and naturalness. Our spesialization is wild sourced caviar from the United States and Canada.

We are chosen by the fact that

How to get the most pleasure from the delicate taste?

It can be served with champagne or another drink, with butter or sour cream. Serve caviar on toast or tartlets, pancakes. But if you put it on bread, be prepared that the taste of the delicacy may not be as bright.


There is only one rule - do what you want and how you want, because caviar goes great with fried or baked vegetables, wine, goes well with salads, and is also a good choice even without a side dish or drink.

We have posted for you the best recipes for dishes that you can cook yourself.

Caviar Blini
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