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Legal Notice:

Since 1998, the caviar trade has been regulated by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).
Kingdom Caviar provides you with quality American and officially made in the USA or imported from other countries by authorized dealers that are controlled and controlled by 1) CITES 2) FDA and 3) US Customs. It is documented that our caviar is obtained from legally purchased sturgeon and does not pose a threat to sturgeon species in the world. Kingdom Caviar is your main source of beluga, sturgeon and sturgeon caviar.

Cancellations or Modifications:

Shipment will be provided 3 Days after order has been placed to allow customer do necessary changes
Cancellations or modifications to your existing order may be placed at least 1 day prior to the arranged shipping date.
Cancellations or modifications after the order has been shipped will not be accepted.
If you need to cancel or modify an order prior to the shipping deadline, please email us at to make necessary adjustments.  Please include your order number and billing address when requesting a cancellation or modification.

Return Policy:

If you have any problems with the product, please email us at
All Fine Foods Trading perishable products are guaranteed fresh on delivery and should be inspected by customers immediately upon arrival. If there is a problem with a perishable product, credit cannot be given if the unsatisfactory goods have been discarded or partially consumed.  All claims must be made to within twenty-four hours of receipt to obtain a Return Authorization Number (this number will allow you to return the perishable product). No returns will be accepted without this number.

If the error was our fault, we will gladly reimburse the return shipping costs. If you have ordered the wrong product or changed your mind about it, the funds and the product are not refundable, we can replace it with another product if the delivery has not taken place at that time. 

Find out what Kingdom Caviar's policy is about offering green and sustainable products.

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